CNG For Automobile Purpose

Natural Gas when compressed (CNG) is used in automobiles.

Compressed Natural Gas provides easy starting, reliable idling and smooth acceleration. The life of an engine actually increases by using COMMPRESSED NATURAL GAS. It eliminates frequent vehicle maintenance.

Compressed Natural Gas is considered as an alternate fuel for transportation sector. CNG can be used in any vehicle with a regular internal combustion engine. CNG vehicles are much cleaner burning traditionally fueled vehicles due to its chemical composition. While Natural Gas is primarily methane where as petrol and diesel fuels contain numerous other harmful compounds that are released into the environment through vehicle exhaust.

Safety benefits of Compressed Natural Gas as compared to Petrol.

Compressed Natural Gas

  • It has a self-ignition temperature of 700C.
  • It has a specific gravity of 0.587, means it is lighter than air. So if it leaks it rises up and dissipates into the atmosphere.
  • Compressed Natural Gas storage cylinders are made of special materials to withstand high pressure.They are made entirely of a single piece so there are no joints. They are fire and bullet proof.

Gasoline (Petrol)

  • The self-ignition temperature of gasoline is 415C.
  • Petrol in case of a leakage puddles onto the ground causing a danger of catching fire.

Petrol tanks are made of ordinary steel sheets.

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